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School Open House


Last updated 9/29/2016 at 12:10pm

Yolandi Jooste

The Borrego Springs Middle/High School welcomed family and friends to their open house last night, Thursday, Sept. 22.

Parents had the opportunity to walk through their child's entire school schedule; as if they were living their child's life for a day.

Yolandi Jooste

Mr. Dunn, Principal, stated that he is "Excited for parents to meet some new teachers that have joined the team this year, as well as those in new positions, and look forward to the new school year."

Starting with "zero" period, each parent had the opportunity to visit each class for ten minutes where the teacher would give an overview of the class and answer simple questions. Although this was not a teacher conference, parents did have an opportunity to meet their child's teacher individually. A bell would ring after the ten minutes; signaling parents and the student to move on to the next period.

After a successful open house, student and families left with excitement for the new school year. Good luck, and GO RAMS!

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