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Sea View Elementary Goes Robotic


Last updated 9/13/2016 at 11:20am

Sea View Elementary School in Salton City is not only the first elementary school in the Coachella Valley Unified School District to have a Student Technology Club, it is the also the first to have someone without a heartbeat, or even a heart for that matter.

The 4th through 6th grade Technology Club students who created him, have named the robot 'Wally'. As part of the Mobile Learning Initiative, the club members are trained in the areas of the application and integration of current technology, and they are training others – their teachers as well as their fellow students.

In the process, the children are gaining leadership and teamwork skills. It also takes a lot of grit to assemble a quasi-living artificial creature. “Some parts were hard because there were a lot of pieces and sometimes we didn’t understand the manual. We took turns building sections together. It was fun,” said Wendy S.

Business leaders often speak of the need for 21st century students to be prepared for working collaboratively on projects. Building a robot seems to be a good start, according to Katrina R.: “It was fun and cool because we were all working together.” Juan DLT concurred: “Everyone helped each other out. In the beginning we made a lot of mistakes. When I grow up I want to be an architect, so this is definitely helpful."

The Sea View Elementary School Technology Club is obviously mighty proud of Wally, a robot with a lot to offer.

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