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Petition - Better Safer Roads for S-22


Last updated 9/8/2016 at 11:19am

Local residents are banding together hoping to change the state of the road conditions along the S-22.

Lynda Montgomery of Borrego Springs, has set up a petition on which, once reached 100 signatures, will be delivered to the Imperial County Roads Dept.

Her petition states - 'The S-22 is a major thoroughfare for residents and visitors to Anza Borrego state park and Borrego Springs. The roads are weathered, missing, horrendous, neglected. The S-22 needs resurfacing in the worst way a lot of residents and visitors drive motor homes and recreational vehicles on this road daily not to mention regular cars which are rattling, falling apart, needing repairs long before they should because this road is unkept, please help us get enough signatures to show them we are concerned as citizens, residents, visitors so please sign this petition to help get S-22 fixed and let us drive on a better safer road.'

If you would like to add your name, go to:-

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