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Last updated 9/11/2016 at 2:32pm

Okay, the staff at The Borrego Sun have a lot of talents and as we skip through town with girlish glee, it's hard to imagine any of us are over the age of 21. But contrary to popular belief, we have yet to locate the 'Fountain of Youth', the closest we can suggest at this point is good music, a cold beer and a well cooked meal.

Glen Smith who is described as the human jukebox will be playing at Carlee's this Saturday Sept. 10

Andy, owner of says, "If people in the crowd shout out something, he starts playing it, I've never seen him stumped. I've seen where he may start playing a few chords and then goes 'I really don't know it' but he always knows a few chords."

If you fancy getting away from the start of the football season, head down there on Sunday for what I personally think are the best pizzas in town. Thin crust bases made by Candy Apple bakery in Julian, fresh ingredients and for the vegetarians and health conscious amongst you, not a brussel sprout in sight.

With the sun out and temperatures sitting around 105 to 108f this weekend it might be worth taking a trip to Julian or checking out our events page to see what is going on in surrounding areas.

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