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Wild Fire Update


Last updated 8/18/2016 at 8:48am

Bluecut Fire

Several incident commanders and speakers from various agencies have provided updates to the Bluecut Fire, saying fuels are extremely dry and very explosive this time of year leading to unprecedented fire growth.

"It hit hard. It hit fast. It hit with an intensity that we haven't seen before," said San Bernardino County Fire Chief, Mark Hartwig, "There will be a lot that come home to nothing."

The fire is currently 32,000 acres and remains only 4% contained. Over 80,000 people in San Bernadino County have been forced to evacuate. It has caused closures of I-15 through the Cajon Pass and State Route 138.

Spotting has occurred up to half a mile ahead of the fire. Officials say they are attempting to get ahead of the fire to protect the affected communiteis of Keenbrook, Lytle Creek, Wrightwood, and Phelan. Structure defense is a priority for today.

Pointe Fire which started yesterday afternoon in Spring Valley was held to 26 acres overnight and 80% containment.The fire sits in Spring Valley, adjacent to Pointe Parkway. The Sheriff’s Department has evacuated homes in the vicinity of Ledge Side between Ledge View & South Barcelona as well as California Waters Drive and Pleasant Waters Court.

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