Save Our East County Lakes


Last updated 8/7/2016 at 8:28am

Lake Morena under threat

A petition has been launched online to save two East County Lakes.

Witnesses claim firefighting aircraft had to go to alternative water sources, farther away, during the Border Fire - in which two people died, due to the city of San Diego draining Lake Morena and Lake Barrett. The lakes now sit at less than 3% and 6% of capacity. Despite the city never asking residents to conserve water before draining these lakes, it then proceeded to overfill another reservoir with water taken from the East County and dumping it into the ocean.

The city has refused to fix the dam at Lake Morena and refused to make any promise to stop draining the lake or allow water levels to be refilled by rainfall to safe levels. If you agree that the city's actions are unconscionable, sign the petition to save our lakes.

1. The City of San Diego cease all draining of Lake Morena and Barrett Lake until the lake levels are optimum for people, groundwater, wildlife and firefighting capability.

2. The City of San Diego immediately commence repairs to the Lake Morena dam so water can be saved, instead of dumped into the ocean.

3. Future water withdrawals from the lakes are done with careful consideration of the balanced use of this vital resource for city and rural residents, as well as groundwater, wildlife and public safety.

4. The water volume in the lakes, in future, is kept at 50 percent or more so that water accumulated from local watersheds remains adequate to serve the needs of all.

At the time of writing, 670 supporters have already signed the petition. As the fight continues to save the Salton Sea, the rest of the county is also finding itself under attack during this time of continued Drought.


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