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Why we moved to Borrego


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Dear John ... This is not your typical dear John letter. It all starts with new residents of Borrego Springs (two weeks new) out to see Christmas Circle. We left the house without our phone and without water. We were just planning on the liquor store and back home. Then I got it in my head to see Indian Head, so off we go, that's not good enough. I then decided I wanted to drive right next to it. In the sand we go, as the sand is getting deeper and my wife, with that concerned look on her face. I press on thinking I will somehow float across the top and out we go. Well in we go is more like it.

It's 110 degrees outside and we are stuck in the sand. I am now outside trying to dig my way out with a frisbee. Along comes John, the UPS guy, who stops at my wife's desperate plea for help. Out of his brown UPS truck comes John with a smile on his face a shovel in hand. I proceed to thank him and begin to dig us out. John recognizes that I am struggling and quickly jumps in to lend a hand. He digs us out at least three times, as the first two attempts to get out of the sand fail. Not once did John complain about doing most if not all the hard work in trying to get us out. Even went as far as trying to pull us out with a useless rope.

When he had exhausted all possibilities, he then attempted to reach no less than three tow trucks to come and pull us out. No answer from all three. Not one to be defeated, he then called the local Sheriff to come out and make sure we were in good hands. At this point I made John the UPS guy leave us, as he still had the rest of his route to deliver and he had given up at least one and a half hours of his time already. So off John went, but not before sharing all the cold water we could store before he left.

Minutes later Officer Billy Painter drove up. He quickly made us feel comfortable with him, insisting that we call him Billy. He attempted to make contact with the local tow company, to no avail. Using his skills as a police officer he looked us in the eyes and said, "My gut tells me Tim the tow guy is there, just not answering his phone." Confirming we had water to drink, Billy went to find Tim. After a short time he returned and told us Tim was in fact there, but was busy in back and could not hear the phone. Tim was closing his shop and would be on the way.

While we were waiting, we got another act of kindness, a very nice lady named Linda showed up with cold bottles of water for everyone. John the UPS guy called her and told her of our woes and Linda quickly came to our rescue with cold water. At no time did John or Billy, who never left us until we were on the road again, or Linda, make us feel like the unprepared tourist that we acted like. After witnessing the pure and unselfish kindness of the citizens of Borrego Springs, we were sure that we made the right choice to live in Borrego Springs.

We now carry extra water in hopes we may some day repay the kindness shown us by carrying on a Borrego Springs tradition of helping someone in need. Thank you John the UPS guy, Billy the deputy sheriff and Linda, the kind lady of the day.

Patrick and Rochelle Rhodes

Borrego Spring

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