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Hot, Hot, Hot


Last updated 7/21/2016 at 3:38pm

Despite forecasts predicting a high of 115f today, parts of Borrego are already reaching 117f and climbing. Considering tomorrow should reach the same temperature, it will be interesting to see what high it reaches and if we will once again be in the record books.

Remember pets and tarmac don't mix and use the cool zones. Michael at the Borrego Springs library will be more than happy to welcome you, as will La Casa del zorro. Michael has free drinks when needed so my vote is a book and a schnapps. So far he hasn't offered a schnapps just free lemonade, but if we all club together you never know what might happen. Support your library, demand schnapps.

Support your library and maybe Michael will be able to afford schnapps. You really don't know how valuable they are until you loose them and once something is lost you can't always get it back.

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