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A/C Maintenance Advice During Extreme Heat


Last updated 7/25/2016 at 11:50am

With excessive heat warnings continuing across the valley, many homes are relying on air conditioners to keep cool.

If an air conditioning unit isn't properly maintained, it could malfunction and start a fire.

Do you have lights dim when it kicks on?

Is it drawing a lot of power?

Do you notice the unit is getting warm or a motor is over heating?

Those are indications that their might be an issue that needs to be addressed.

Local fire departments are also issuing a reminder to ensure all clutter and heavy dust be cleared away from A/C units in case of over heating as debris can help ignite a house fire.

It's not just exterior units for which home owners need to look out.

"Especially if the unit is in a garage, no cleaners and no junk should be around it," says Patrick Somers, the general manager for General Heating and Air.

The most important thing to remember is maintenance. Homeowners should take a look and a listen at their air conditioning unit and make sure it's working well. If there are any doubts, they should call in an expert. If smoke is seen coming from the units or through the vents, call the fire department immediately.

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