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Thank you, Brave men


Last updated 8/1/2016 at 12:37am

On July 14 I heard a loud pounding on my door. When I opened it, I saw a young man who looked hurt and he yelled, “Get out! Call the Fire Department now.” I grabbed my phone and ran outside, down my driveway to see what the problem was while dialing 9-1-1.

What I saw was horrifying. I got the Fire Dept. on the line to report my neighbor’s house was engulfed in high, wild flames with black smoke billowing higher than my home. I gave the address. They were there almost immediately. The house was exploding in flames that were leaping at my roof and screen porch. I asked the firemen if I could get my 16-year-old companion cat out and they were sorry, but they said it was too dangerous. Many emergency vehicles, the sheriff, police and others came running.

The firemen said to take my car and leave fast. I did. When I parked and returned to the scene, there were two fire engines already there and I saw the large fire hoses leading up to the fire with many firefighters moving all around the burning house and mine too. I saw my neighbor walk over to the front of her home, just staring at the devastating fire, just to turn away not saying a word.

The firemen worked in the 110-degree heat outside and near the hot flames, with heavy fire gear on. A large palm tree next to my home was on fire, with the top hanging over my roof. Such bravery, teamwork, dedication and determination of the highly trained men was a wonder to watch. The sheriff approached me and asked if I knew what had happened. I told him about the man that stopped to get me out even though he appeared hurt. Thank you to him also. I heard he was transported to UCSD Burn Center. It reminded me how good and kind the human heart can be, that in terrible pain he stopped to get me out. I don’t even know his name. After three hours of heroic work I saw the firemen were overheated and exhausted standing next to their engines. They were taking off the heavy fire gear. They had given their all and more.

Is there any amount of money enough to pay them for what they do? Thankfully, I still have a home to return to because of them, and they saved the life of a sweet cat, too. Thank you. I am writing this because I’d like everyone in Borrego to know what heroes we have waiting to help us and our homes. Just to be grateful we have them – they will protect us with everything they have to give. It’s just the way they are. May God bless them for what they do for all of us.


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