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Heat Advisory - Dogs & Heatstroke


Last updated 7/1/2016 at 6:31am

As the heat advisory continues to be in effect across the valley, it has been reported that there are a number of dogs being allowed to run loose through the deserts streets.

As well as burnt pads from the heat of the asphalt, all animals are prone to heatstroke and not every dog or cat, is open to receiving assistance from a stranger.

An animal with heat stroke will pant excessively, be restless, and appear distressed. Drooling and unsteadiness may follow, and the gums can change from pink to purple or bright red.

This can progress to vomiting or defecating blood, shock, seizures, internal bleeding, coma, and death.

Heat stroke is an immediate veterinary emergency. While you are cooling your car down to rush to the veterinarian, move your pet to a cool environment with a fan on him or her. Use cool (not cold) water or wet towels on your pet, and include the armpits and groin area. Rubbing alcohol may be applied to the foot pads. Do not put ice cold water on your pet or force water into their mouth.


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