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Father's Day Festivities

Saturn is top prize


Last updated 6/25/2016 at 8:47am

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Top prize and stuffed animals for the taking.

Ernie and Debbie Loza brought the town together for Father's Day in the cooling breeze of a Saturday evening at Christmas Circle Park.

Families look forward to the fellowship, food, games and gifts, all donated for the event by local church groups and individuals.

Fathers were invited to tug the rope for prizes.

Sue Salt brought the food, coolers were loaded with cold drinks, and the games began. Water balloon toss and tug-of-war are traditions where participants earn tickets to win prizes of their choice. TVs, fans, fitness equipment, furniture and bicycles were among the items to be claimed.

Miss Borrego Springs Nadia Lopez called the numbers while Ernie tossed endless gifts from boxes donated through Bed Bath and Beyond. The crowd jumped to catch the goodies like pillows, candles, candy and stuffed animals while they formed a line to earn more tickets.

The top prize, a gold 1995 Saturn was claimed by a young couple holding the 18th ticket called, as the date was the 18th. Loza led the gathering in prayer and thankfulness for family, and the lawn, once covered in gifts, returned to green as they cleaned up the last of the soda cans and headed back home.

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