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Little League Closing Ceremony


Last updated 6/4/2016 at 3:44pm

Borrego Springs Little League formally said its goodbyes today to friends, family and fans in the closing ceremonies of the 2016 season at Borrego Springs High School Community room.

The ceremony was one of congratulatory participation to the players, coaches, “team moms," umpires, snack bar workers, and board members who participated in making the 2016 season possible.

“We had a great year as well as an exciting year,” said Borrego Little League President Joe Del Bono during his address to attendees. “We had a lot of participants and a lot of help which was great. Both girls and boys did great and I’d like to say I’m very proud of every one of them.”

The Little League Board:

Joe Del Bono, President. Brian Blanton, Vice President. Jim Dillahunt, Treasurer. Diana Del Bono, Secretary. Paige Rogowski, Safety Officer.

Ana Hernandez, Coach Manager. Corie Lorera, Sponsorship Manager.

Laura Chell, Player Agent. Tony Wann, Equipment Manager.

The Board would like to thank its managers, Alberto Fuentes; Bud Perez, Jose Rocha, Andy Macuga, Patricia Linehan, Jim Dillahunt, Carlos Ornelas and Steve Mellor.

They also would like to thank their coaches, James Claar, Matt Asche, Tony Wann, Jaun Carmona, Teresa McKittrick, Diana Del Bono, Daniella Del Bono, Benito Arteaga, Roberto Fuentez, Jose Rangel, Manuel Martin, Jamie Peterson, Mick Chell, Button Shugart and Sara Mellor.

Umpires, Tom Whitfield, Brian Blanton, Joe Del Bono, Carlos Ornelas and Boys, Gene Simpson and all others who stepped out to help umpire at the last minute, the Board would like to take its time to recognizes you too.

"It's been a great season, but with every season there are, unfortunately, a few people who are leaving us. We need more volunteers next year, so please come out to help support Borrego's Little League," said Joe Del Bono. If you are interested in helping, please reach out to the Secretary, Diane Del Bono at

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