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The Deep Well Mystery


Last updated 5/26/2016 at 10:31am

Several months ago, we discovered a single track going through our front yard. The sheriff came and we passed it off as a curious bike rider.

Three days ago, another long track was found across the back yard. It runs approx 200 yards, about 2" wide and 2" deep in the soft sand. Any ideas?

Please note -

it doesn't appear to have any tread

single track that never doubles or crosses itself on curves

looks like it can back up and start again

can go close to shrubs without breaking branches

easily goes through hard or soft sand

NO apparent footprints (the ones pictured are ours and the sheriff's)

seems to have passed right through the cactus without breaking it

to have entered from the street and exited to the street.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Thank you!

Joanne Sims - Deep Well neighborhood


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