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IID - End to Net Metering


Last updated 5/17/2016 at 10:07am

The Imperial Irrigation District (IID) has ended their net metering program after receiving thousands of customer requests. Solar customers will no longer be able to keep any excess energy produced by their Solar panels. Although the move wont effect customers who turned on their power, and filled out all necessary paperwork before March 2, the move has raised concerns among households and local Solar companies.

Renova Solar Vice President of Business Development Lea Goodsell said "Without the ability to have the extra energy that you generate stored so that you can pull back and equal the amount of energy yourself, it doesn't make sense now to install Solar at all.", as all excess energy will now be going to IID. Without net metering, Goodsell explained IID are saying, 'Thank you very much for that power. We're going to keep it, and then we're going to sell it."

In a statement, IID said, "IID strongly supports California's clean energy goals and we also support our customers who make the choice to install Solar at their homes or businesses. IID ratepayers can add Solar and continue to receive the benefits that Solar power brings; however, we are continuing on our path to eliminate the subsidy from non-Solar customers to Solar customers."

IID says it will still take inter-connectivity requests from customers.


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