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Borrego Springs - LA Times, Painful Truth


Last updated 5/12/2016 at 8:45am

'The water crisis in Borrego Springs is as simple to understand as it will be difficult to solve.

At the crux is farming. Borrego Springs water crisis begins and ends with farming'

The LA Times has once again picked up on the difficulties Borrego Springs is facing with a declining water table. What it shows, is a truth that many in Borrego are all ready witnessing.

When balancing economy with sustainability, there always has to be a loser, in this case it may end up being the residents themselves who come off worst, if the state implement their threats, which 'last year enacted laws aimed at communities that rely on underground water'.

'At the town hall, Borrego Water District President Beth Hart was asked what the chances are that farmers would cut back usage to anywhere close to the levels that will be needed.

"I wouldn't have had a good answer three years ago," Hart said.

That was when the state Department of Water Resources drew together the largest pumpers in the basin — farm owners, golf course heads, state park representatives, business owners and residents — a group that eventually called itself the Borrego Water Coalition.

Hart said initially the farmers' positions were intransigent.

"What we initially heard was that no one was going to do anything except sue somebody else," she said. "But what we found after talking with them is businesspeople — businesspeople [who want to either] continue their business or make themselves an exit strategy that would work."'

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