Borrego Springs - Coffee Emergency Averted


Last updated 5/17/2016 at 3:32pm

This morning saw Borrego wake up to a lack of electricity due to SDG&E performing maintenance work in the area.

Some people called for it to be used as a practice run to the next "Big One", some despaired at the sudden arrival of their children, sent home early from school. A few sensible ones headed over to La Casa or the Borrego Resort and had a cool drink and a swift game of golf. But for one, despite the unavailability of a phone charger and a distinct lack of caffeine, it was business as usual.

It was disappointing that no one could provide a hot beverage in her hour of need but the Sun's roving reporter made sure that she made the best of the situation. She saw the kids off from the school, reported from the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce meeting and found time to practice her survival skills.

Borrego Sun Online brings you the news. Yolandi Jooste got her coffee.


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