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Last updated 4/22/2016 at 5:18am

For the past eighteen years, Jerry Rolwing has helped to lead the good fight to help solve a host of water related problems in Borrego Springs for the Borrego Water District, but now, he says, “It’s time for me to move on.” Rolwing submitted his resignation to the Board of Directors on March 23, effective mid-July.

Most every problem encountered in Borrego Springs is somehow related to water, or more specifically, the lack of a sustainable supply of fresh and clean groundwater. For the past five years as District GM, Jerry Rolwing has played a significant role in virtually every attempt to accurately describe and present to the public, not only the problems we face, but real-world solutions to mitigate against those problems.

Dan Wright, General Manager of the RoadRunner Club and Springs at Borrego RV Park and Golf Course, says this about the man’ “Jerry is a first class gentleman who has served Borrego Springs very well and we owe him a huge debt of gratitude.”

The groundwater situation has always been the top issue in Borrego, and it took Rolwing much effort to take what little hard data was available and concentrate that into a detailed map via his AutoCad computer program showing the locations of all the main pipelines, connections, valves, and even fire hydrants. Since then, we know a lot more about the source and distribution of water and, more importantly, how long it will last and what we can and should do to ensure its longevity.

During the two years prior to the release of the Final USGS Report, Rolwing helped form the Borrego Water Coalition, comprised of the stakeholders insisted on by the state water agencies to “invest” in our future. The Water Coalition consists of the local water district, farmers, golf course owners, business owners, etc. Instead of folks hurling insults and misinformation at each other, this was Rolwing’s chance to bring folks together to sit down and talk about the problems, and also how best to address them. It was high time for a fresh attitude to prevail – cooperation.

Rolwing stated: “What I tried to accomplish was to establish a responsive agency, rather than stop individuals from doing what they felt was best only for them, as opposed to a my-way-or-the-highway approach.” He added, “I hope I was in some way able to help people get things done here.”

See full interview in this weeks hard copy.

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