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Borrego Springs - Illegal Dumping


Last updated 4/22/2016 at 4:06am

Arlene Oakes

The Sun reported a case of illegal trash dumping (03/11/2016) on land between Rango Way and Borrego Springs Rd., following a tip off from a concerned resident.

County Sheriff Officer Billy Painter has stated, "We've known about it for several years. The County has notified the owner to clean up the mess and they have complied, several times."

Unfortunately, whoever is dumping there, keeps returning.

"The main problem," Painter says, "is that every now and then someone starts a fire," - to destroy the evidence. The Sheriff's office asks that anyone seeing a vehicle out there should not approach the suspects, but take down what information you can and call the Sheriff's Department or the Park Ranger Station.

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