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AdventureCORPS, Inc. - Badwater Salton Sea, Schedule of Events


Last updated 12/22/2016 at 1:13pm

Courtesy of AdventureCorps inc. Some of this years runners.

Keep up with the runners and be sure to see them as they strive to conquer against the terrain, the elements and their own struggles. Over 100 competitors on this leg, 17 competitors competing in the Badwater Ultra Cup. The competition welcomes an additional 40 runners from last year as they race from the Salton Sea to Palomar Mountain.

Friday, April 29, 2016

330pm: Optional: Depart the trailhead to hike of some or all of the eight-mile California Riding & Hiking Trail which ascends over 3500 feet from Borrego Springs almost to the tiny hamlet of Ranchita. This trail is included within the Badwater Salton Sea race route in the mile 40 to mile 50 range. Many BWSS competitors will join this hike in order to get a preview of the steepest climb within the race. Estimated hiking time is 3 hours. It may be HOT, so bring adequate water, electrolytes, clothing, sunscreen, and hat. It's an 8-mile, uphill, one-way hike, so drivers and vehicles to pick hikers up at the top of the trail (just below the summit of Montezuma Valley Road, or 1.7 miles before the Ranchita Store) will need to be coordinated by all involved. See the route here, including a GPS file download.

630 – 700pm: Conclude hike at western end of trail

Saturday, April 30, 2016

NEW TIME 700-830am (not 630-800am as previously stated): Optional: Road and trail run around Borrego Springs past many of the incredible metal sculptures which dot the landscape and are known as Galleta Meadows, Depart on foot from hotel lobby at 630am.

CANCELLED: SORRY! 800-915am: Optional but Encouraged: Introduction to Therapy Ball Training.

This is open to EVERYONE, regardless of fitness experience! (Anza Room adjacent to Borrego Springs Resort lobby). Please bring a yoga mat or large beach towel.

1000am: Optional: Meet at Hotel Lobby to carpool to Salton City to visit the start line area and first 35 miles of the Badwater Salton Sea race route. (Each is responsible for their own transportation. Please carpool.)

1030am: Optional: Depart for Salton City. (Each is responsible for their own transportation.)

300-400pm: Runner Check-In and Photos (Anza Room adjacent to Borrego Springs Resort lobby)

400-500pm: Pre-Race Meeting (Anza Room adjacent to Borrego Springs Resort lobby)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

0230 Moonrise (Waning Crescent with 32% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated.)

0500 Runners/Crews must depart Borrego Springs to the start line.

0529 Civil Twilight (first light in the sky)

0556 Sunrise

0600 Absolute deadline to arrive at the start line at: 905 Sea Port Ave, Salton City, CA 92274


1401 Moonset

1530 Time Cut-Off at Mile 35.23

1730 Time Cut-Off at Mile 40.6

1929 Sunset

1956 Civil Twilight (no light left in the sky)

Monday, May 2, 2016

0313 Moonrise (Waning Crescent with 22% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated.)

0536 Civil Twilight (first light in the sky)

0602 Sunrise

1030 RACE COURSE CLOSES (28 Hour Limit)

1030 Post-Race Brunch, at the finish line

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