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Praise for Borrego Springs Emergency Response


Last updated 5/4/2016 at 9:19am

Two weeks ago we had a rattlesnake visit the courtyard of our house in Deep Well. At that time, we were able to dissuade him from any further curious exploration by shuffling him off with a large, long handled broom (not the recommended technique).

Last Wednesday night, April 20, he made another appearance and nothing we could do discouraged his aggressive behavior as he nudged against the front door and kitchen slider.

We called the Borrego Sheriff’s emergency dispatch number (858-565-5200). When the dispatcher heard what our problem was, she immediately connected us to the Borrego Fire Department and were assured that help was on the way. Shortly thereafter, we saw the flashing lights of the Borrego Fire Department’s EMT vehicle, followed by a fire truck, and resident Deputy Sheriff Billy Painter. That snake would never escape this wily team!

Two EMTs quickly caught the snake, which was to be taken away to a wilder, less-inhabited location. We have been full-time residents of Borrego Springs for just under a year. The great services and the people who provide them are part of the reason we love living here. Thank you all.


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