Letter to Supervisor Horn


Last updated 5/1/2016 at 12:40pm

Joy Ziemnick

(Sent to: Supervisor San Diego County Board of Supervisors, 5th District)

I would like San Diego County to consider acquiring the Rudyville (DS24 Project) property in Borrego Springs for the purpose of converting it into a San Diego County Conservation area.

This housing project was opposed by the citizens of Borrego Springs when it was first proposed back in 2008 and at the recent April 7 Community Sponsor Group density change (PSR) hearing on the project, it was again 100 percent opposed by a standing room crowd of Borrego residents.

The reason for community opposition to this project is simple ... it would destroy an ancient old-growth Ocotillo forest, which ranks as one of the largest and densest within the Anza-Borrego Desert. It deserves protection because the other Ocotillo forest areas are not all as large, or dense, or as readily accessible to visitors; and often 4-wheel drive vehicles are required to reach them. But this pristine site is located right along Borrego Springs Road (Hwy. S-3) as it enters Borrego Springs.

When the Ocotillos are in bloom, the roadside is filled with cars as people enter the forest to photograph and even paint its beauty. There are many local nonprofit organizations in Borrego Springs that, I'm sure, could assist the County in obtaining conservation grant funds to acquire this land for a County Conservation Area. The Chamber of Commerce, Anza-Borrego Foundation, Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association, the UCI Steele/Burnand Desert Research Center, Tubb Canyon Desert Conservancy.

Mr. Horn, this is something that can and should be done! I hope you will take up the cause and introduce action by the County Board of Supervisors to make this a future San Diego County Conservation Area, so that future generations of visitors to our desert region will forever be able to appreciate the outstanding beauty of this Ancient old-growth Ocotillo forest. If we all work together we can make it happen!

Thank you.

SAM WEBB 28 year resident of Borrego Springs

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