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Wildfire Risk Increased


Last updated 4/15/2016 at 10:08am

Despite the rain over the last few days, which has been a welcome break across the valley, county officials are warning that they may have increased the risk of wildfire in the area.

Enough rain has fallen to sprout thicker-than-usual wild grasses and weeds in open spaces and the backcountry. This growth can pose a problem, serving as “fuel” for wildfires and helping strengthen flames.

“Be prepared, everyone. It looks like we’re entering a tougher-than-usual wildfire season due to our thick grass and other fuels across the region,” said County Supervisor Dianne Jacob, at a media briefing held at CAL FIRE’s local headquarters in Rancho San Diego. “Now is the time to start trimming back brush and take other steps to protect your family and property. What you do this spring to prepare your home could make a huge difference when wildfire season hits.”

Stations in the unincorporated areas are being staffed up earlier than usual and air tankers are being assigned, according to San Diego County Fire Chief Tony Mecham, who also serves as CAL FIRE San Diego Unit Chief.

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