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Last updated 4/9/2016 at 5:40am

A 19th-century one-and-a-half story Dutch-style barn located in the heart of Santa Ysabel has been purchased by Save Our Heritage Organisation (SOHO). The Hoover Barn, ca. 1890, is typical of the type of structures that were once common place but is now a rare remaining example of a traditional wood barn.

SOHO have proven a commitment to protecting and preserving rural and urban historic resources, "This is one of very few 19th-century barns in San Diego County," Bruce Coons, SOHO's executive director, said. "It's an important, increasingly precious cultural resource that speaks of the back country's vast ranching and agricultural uses, which are dwindling along with associated buildings in the 21st century.

Bob McDaniel, a lifelong Santa Ysabel resident who had worked in the barn when it was used by the County's Agricultural Department, brought the building's endangered status to SOHO's attention the first week after SOHO purchased the Santa Ysabel Store!

"So, you're the people who save things, right?" McDaniel asked Coons shortly after SOHO purchased the Santa Ysabel Store. McDaniel then pulled out a letter from the County informing Santa Ysabel residents that the barn was considered a nuisance to be burned down in just weeks. Thanks to the work of SOHO and the trust they have built up and richly deserve, residents can be assured that another piece of history will remain for generations to come.

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