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Kesling's Kitchen Parking - Update


Last updated 4/13/2016 at 1:03pm

The Sun reported March, 30, that some locals and businesses were upset by the sudden appearance of Kesling's Kitchen parking signs along Palm Canyon Drive.

'The eagerly awaited, but yet to be opened, Kesling's Kitchen Restaurant at the Borrego Art Institute (BAI) on The Circle, has posted several signs saying,"Kesling's Kitchen Parking Only" along Palm Canyon's south side, just across from Carlee's Bar and Grill and adjacent to Village Liquors and Market.'

The Sheriff approached the Sun yesterday, April 4, to provide an update on Kesling's parking. According to their department, the parking on Palm Canyon is NOT enforceable and not on the BAI's property. The BAI is being notified today that they have to REMOVE the signs unless they go through the proper channels to obtain the correct San Diego Parking Permits. At the time of this writing, they have not done so.

Although the parking on Sunset is "theirs," the sheriff is not going to "enforce" anything and has stated that should the BAI want to have people towed, they will have to organize it themselves.

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