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Baby Borregans in Palm Canyon


Last updated 4/11/2016 at 2:15pm

John Peterson

On the morning of Sunday April 3rd, I was hiking up Palm Canyon, and about halfway up the trail (near "Black Rock" for those who know the trail), came across what I can only describe as a Borregan nursery (Borrego being the word for sheep). I observed this "flock" of eight baby bighorns born this Spring (likely all less than 60 days old) for 30 minutes before they stood close enough together to get them gathered for a photograph of the 2016 Nursery class.

I saw no signs of sneezing or coughing amongst these new kids on the block, and they all look to be healthy. As to which ones are rams and which ones are ewes, one obvious male is in the top group of three (furthest head to the left), and there is possibly one who is two rock levels down from him and pointing the same way, but the sexes of the others are unknown.

This number of lambs is unique since this number is higher than any year that I have been observing them (over the last 5 years). In previous years our normal total lamb count in the lower Palm Canyon was less than 3 babies, although we had 6 in 2014. Last year we counted no lambs within the lower canyon! I'm hoping they show up for the Sheep Count over the July 4th weekend, because I'll be there to count them!

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