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We Want Our Share of Water


Last updated 4/7/2016 at 7:04am

I just read your March 10 edition of the Borrego Sun, especially noting the article on Page eleven; ‘Borrego Water District (BWD) takes significant action to address the valley’s overdraft.’ My wife and I are very concerned about the plans of the BWD, as we own two business and a home in Ocotillo Wells.

The citizens of Ocotillo Wells did not cause our groundwater to overdraft because we never had numerous golf courses, nor did we build and populate way over the available groundwater that we have and enjoy. Just because Borrego Springs wasted their ground water is no valid reason to steal our groundwater; which at the rate Borrego Springs wastes water, would in no time create a groundwater shortage here in Ocotillo Wells!

Our groundwater is not yet overdrafted, but not at a level that could sustain the massive amounts of additional water the BWD needs for their current usage rate. It is time that Borrego Springs “bites the bullet” and finds ways to greatly reduce their groundwater usage, so that they can alleviate their shortage problems. That will cause some sustainable hardships, but the amount of available groundwater should have been taken into consideration prior to permitting the building of so many golf courses, and over populating their area.

What person, or persons, in office at Borrego Springs approved the building of so many golf courses, many buildings and homes, and never gave a thought to the available groundwater Borrego Springs has to sustain such buildings and over population? I believe that those decisions were made by persons, or person, who out of a greed for a metropolis were delinquent in considering the available groundwater supply of Borrego Springs! BWD, please do not steal our limited supply of ground water! –

FRED GRAMCKO Ocotillo Wells

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