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Dennis Hugee

Turkey Vultures Tuesday, March 29

Hal Cohen and his team have been out and about counting the various hawks migrating over Borrego.

You can see Why and Where they do the counts on their website

An excerpt can be seen below:-

Photo Courtesy of Hal Cohen - Hawkwatch

Swainson Hawk

"As of today we have counted over 8,000 Swainson's Hawks that have migrated through Borrego Valley. This marks the second year since our inception, 2003, that over 8,000 hawks have been tallied.

On March 27 we discovered hawks feeding along S22 at mile marker 30. They were again there this morning (March 28).We expected a lull and sure enough it has happened. Hawks were observed in several locations in the valley but not in great numbers. The wind on Monday has created havoc for both watchers and the hawks. We searched for hawks this evening (Monday) and found only one."

Monday March 28

Swainson's Hawks-18

Turkey Vultures-5

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