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Big Horn Fudge - Mexican Delight


Last updated 4/1/2016 at 10:42am

Our beloved local ‘fudge factory’ Bighorn Fudge, located at 590 Palm Canyon Drive, continues to surprise and delight customers with their inspiration and innovation. If you have only been stopping by for coffee and pastries in the morning, or pie and Blue Bunny ice cream at lunch, you need to schedule a fudge tasting expedition!

The story behind the development of their new superstar flavor ‘Spicy Mexican’ is so typical of the Bosworth family’s ethos. Before Valentine’s Day, a customer lamented that her mother, who was born in Mexico, had childhood memories of a special spicy chocolate; a flavor that she had not been able to find, searching for decades. Bonny Bosworth recalls; “We like a challenge and I felt like with some research and experimentation we might be able to make this for her mother. In addition to our butter, cream, sugar and high quality chocolate, we added cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and adjusted the levels. At the end we sprinkled crushed Abueleta’s cocoa bricks on the top to add fragrance and a mini-crunch and sparkle. Her mother said we got it just right! We decided to taste-test it in the shop and people started coming back again and again. Now we have trouble keeping it in stock.”

The Fudge Factory has many, many popular flavor combinations, including spicy jalapeno fudge that has been a local favorite for years. Because they do what is called ‘small batch processing’ the Fudge Factory produces fudge that is fresh, with spices and flavors that are of an intense, gourmet quality. Bighorn Fudge is the exclusive fudge supplier to the famous and iconic Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego and the Rancho Bernardo Winery has orders shipped monthly to their gift shop. Lee, Andi and their daughter Bonny are people of faith and trust.

Our tiny town of Borrego Springs is so fortunate to have such a high quality enterprise run by empathetic and caring people. Borrego Springs’ snowbirds will soon be packing up to head North and, for many, filling their checked luggage with Bighorn Fudge is a tradition. Bighorn Fudge also now has a ‘Buy 2 get 1 Free’ special so you can save money online at or at the store. Go taste the ‘Spicy Mexican’ and delight your family and friends with flavor memories from Old Mexico.

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