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BWD and the future of Club Circle Golf Course


Last updated 3/30/2016 at 8:47am

My name is Rolly Johnson, I am the owner of a home at Club Circle West and the owner of Borrego Springs RV Storage. I have been a customer of the District for over twenty-five years.

The reason I am contacting the District is to bring about my concerns on the future of the Club Circle Golf Course. For years my family and I have felt that the golf course was one of Borrego’s greatest assets. The course was a major factor in the purchase and ownership of our home in Borrego. Also my son and I are active members of ‘The Borrego Open Golf Tournament.’ The event is held every year at the Club Circle Resort; a tradition that was organized fifty years ago by our fathers and now involves more than fifty members annually.

The organization is made up of friends, the founding fathers and their sons from all over the continental United States and Hawaii. The tournament, to the best of our knowledge, is the oldest running golf event in Borrego Springs. The tournament is a Certified 501 Charity with the proceeds benefiting the Borrego Springs Children Center. In the past we have donated more than $30,000 dollars to the Center, along with a significant amount of money spent (over the three days of the tournaments) to our local business.

Recently it has come to my attention that the lease and future of the course is in jeopardy. I just want the district, the future new owners and the people of Borrego Springs to know that we are concerned and are willing to back any reasonable solution that insures that we can play golf and enjoy the beauty of the Club Circle experience for many years to come.

ROLLY JOHNSON, Borrego Springs


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