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Judy At The Palms With Cocktails


Last updated 3/21/2016 at 3:29pm

Russell Webb

With all the new people in Borrego this year, it's hard to keep track, especially since they aren't "new". Take Judy Parker, the new bartender at the Crazy Coyote at The Palms At Indian Head out on Hoberg Rd.

Having visited relatives here for several years, Ms. Parker became a resident five years ago bringing her San Francisco photography career with her. Last year, wanting to do something new, she applied for the bartenders job at The Coyote. Relying on her skills of observation and research, she began plying her craft last Oct. and, quickly, elevated herself to the level of "mixologist" with a complete menu dedicated to honor the Borrego Springs Film Festival with concoctions such as The Marilyn and The Duke.

And Ms. Parker has not stopped at the Film Festival. Since then she has designed such favourites as The Cloak And Dagger, an aged rum and dark rum combination with her signature use of local citrus juices. And, of course, who could not thrill to her version of Borrego Midnight from Blue Agave Tequila, lime, unfortunately not local, and grapefruit juices.

Welcome home Ms. Parker! (BTW, she still does photography!)


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