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Last updated 3/11/2016 at 2:14pm

Well, where do we start? With the pre-dawn planet parade? Maestro Mammana will tell you all about that. San Diego had the warmest February ever in recorded history. On Wednesday, March 2, Borrego Springs was the warmest place in the entire nation! 94 degrees.

March seems to be our yellow month. Lots of yellow finches eating expensive black seed. And I'm waiting so eagerly for the first sight of a hooded oriole. Gorgeous!

Now the desert floor is beginning to bloom. Check the ABDNHA website; take a hike. Or just drive up to the Medical Center (that's always fun) and see the marvelous yellow flowers on the way. Creosote bush, Brittlebush, Desert Sunflower – there are millions in bloom. Be interesting to see what this rain and cooling snap will do for us.

Stanlund's has planted their petunias. Must be spring now. Safari Park has baby rhinos and six cheetah cubs. Zoo has baby tigers. We have our squirrel family, lots of nice big rabbits, as well as the tiniest baby bunny I have ever seen. Very busy. And on the evening news they say rattlesnakes are out a month early.

Well, my favorite is Marina. That's the sea lion that went into the Marine Room in La Jolla; was discovered curled up in a booth overlooking the ocean and taken to Sea World's Animal Rescue Center. She has gained weight and is doing very well. She knows how to pick a good restaurant. And now the French chef, Bernard Guillas, is going to visit her. In a month or so she will be released into the ocean, and Chef Guillas plans to go on the boat with her to say good-bye and good luck. Voila!

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