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California Politicians Dress Code Debate


Last updated 3/21/2016 at 11:57am

California Politicians could be forced to wear NASCAR-style logos identifying their donors if wealthy San Diego Conservative, Jon Cox, gets his way.

A signature campaign is underway for a ballot measure, requiring state leaders to wear the names of their top donors.

Cox is bankrolling the initiative for $1 million and professional signature collectors are drumming up support from 365,880 registered voters to get on the November ballot.

“Who is going to vote against it, lobbyists? Lobbyists and fundraisers are the only ones who are going to vote against it,” Cox insists.

The proposed measure reads, “When providing testimony or participating in any vote of a State legislative committee or subcommittee, or any rollcall vote on the floor of the Senate or Assembly, every elected state officer shall display on his or her person the names of the persons who have made the ten highest cumulative contributions to the officer's controlled committee(s).”

For Cox, the measure is aimed at removing corruption from California’s government.

“Corruption isn’t just stealing money,” said Cox. It’s when political influence dictates decisions instead of doing the right thing.”

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