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Last updated 3/24/2016 at 7:34am

Borrego Springs needs a larger community room than proposed by county staff for the new Borrego Springs Library. County staff's proposed 2,000 square feet (sf) community room allows for only 1,400 sf of meeting space after the necessary 600 sf allocation to the catering kitchen and storage. At the required 15 sf per person (fire code) for banquet style seating, the 1,400 sf of meeting space will only seat approximately 93 people and we need a space that can accommodate 250.

WHY Important?

Borrego Springs does not have a public indoor meeting space that can accommodate the needs of the community.

Borrego Springs is a disadvantaged community (DAC) where the majority of our full time residents cannot look to either the resorts or private clubs for their celebratory events and family gatherings.

Our desert environment, as lovely as it is, is not always conducive to taking celebrations of family and community outdoors. In order to attract small convention business and improve upon our economic viability, we need the larger indoor meeting space.

We feel strongly that the new library's community room needs to accommodate banquet style seating for at least 250 people: 250 people x 15 sf = 3,750 sf of meeting space; 3,750 sf + 600 sf for the catering kitchen and storage = a 4,350 sf community room.

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