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Borrego Springs - ArtFarm Update


Last updated 3/24/2016 at 7:23am

Borrego Springs ArtFarm have made slow but significant progress in the last several months. The trenching was completedand filled in, and the main irrigation lines installed. Local laborers have completed eight cinderblock raised beds.

The Pottery Studio is now going to be within the main ArtFarm enclosure, rather than its previously planned location next to Jilbertos. The Pottery group will now be an integral part of the ArtFarm group and are currently planning a joint fundraiser with the Pottery.

It's time for the group to reconvene to discuss progress, the fundraiser, and next steps. There will be a meeting in Kesling's Kitchen (not yet open) on Saturday March 26th at 11AM. where volunteers and any other interested folks are welcome to come along.

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