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Borrego Springs - A Night of Piano with Teresa Walters


Last updated 3/19/2016 at 11:08am

Russell Webb

Teresa Walters on Piano

So, how does it happen that someone as accomplished as Teresa Walters be relegated to the small venues of the up and coming few and the declining many?

Don't get me wrong, Borrego is a great town to live in and visit and recreate but we aren't exactly on the way to anywhere. We are a destination not a stepping- stone.

All I know is that on Mar. 19, in Borrego Springs I was treated to some of the most intoxicating piano I have heard in a long while. From Reminiscences 1938-1945, a journey through the horrors of Nazi Germany by Karel Berman, a survivor of the camps, that stretched the heart strings to the breaking point, to the romances of Robert and Clara Schuman, with notes dripping like honey onto the bread of life, to the lightning like vigor of George Walker's Variations on an American Theme and George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue where Ms. Walter's long graceful fingers leapt across the keys like gazelles in flight. We were gifted with a truly wonderful prize.


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