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Santiago Estates Feb. Fire


Last updated 2/24/2016 at 10:38am

Victoria Hopkins Kahn

Investigators believe a fire, the evening of Feb. 12, may have been intentionally set by a young arsonist in the large pile of cut brush being stored at the Santiago Estates for a variety of landscapers.

Victoria Hopkins Kahn

Eye witness Victoria Hopkins Kahn, reported: - I could see the blaze over at the large dumpster area of the Santiago Estates, by and in the trees on the southwest side and directly beside the chainlink fence between the mobile home park and my next door neighbor's lot. There appeared to be a large pile of cut dry brush and other lumber trash, as well as the trees and living brush involved. By the lights from the emergency vehicles I could see quite a lot of bystanders, watching in front of the newly built wall on the east side of the trash area. Firefighters aimed a large spray of water at the fire from a distance, but the truck shortly began backing away. That was about 8:42 p.m. Although the fire did seem smaller it surely was not out, so I was very concerned. I continued to watch the fire and take photos from my back yard. Very quickly more fire department vehicles arrived by means of the Emergency Fire Access Road running through the vacant lot along the south side of my home! There were colored lights everywhere along the route! I finally counted at least five vehicles that appeared to be; three pumper trucks and two ambulances, but there may have been others. Firefighters made their way into the fire carrying hoses and tools. The blaze was resistant at first, but began to diminish as more water was applied and brush was cut away. Smoke began to billow more thickly as the flames went down. By 9:12 p.m. the fire was visibly smaller and I felt confident enough to go back inside. Firefighters and department personnel were still there until, I estimate, about 10:30 p.m. The following afternoon, on Sunday, the blackened area was visible and still smelled of smoke.

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