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Borrego Springs - 1961 AERO-RAMA Air Show


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Cliff Winters, stunt pilot

Cliff Winters, stunt pilot, and two of the antique airplanes that flew in the 1961 AERO-RAMA Air Show, Borrego Springs, California, April 8-9, 1961.

Hope Copeland

The show was sponsored by the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce and the Borrego Valley Airport Management. The two-day program, reminiscent of the great roaring 20's air circus, included skydiving, wing-walking, aerial trapeze acts, an air race, an authentic hot air balloon ascent, aerial dogfights, ground-to-air pick-ups, and a finale of an actual airplane crash by Cliff Winters, stunt pilot from Santa Ana, California

Hope Copeland, actress-publicist, re-enacts the possible stance of the airline stewardess of the roaring 20's - all part of the 1961 AERO-RAMA Air Show.

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