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Witness to Gettysburg


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Russell Webb

You walk out your front door one morning and you find yourself in the middle of a bloody battle. Bodies and parts everywhere. Rifles firing, cannon balls exploding, bullets flying and men falling all around you.

What do you do?

That is the question that Annette Hubbell asked after visiting Gettysburg while on vacation. After researching countless letters, journal and diary entries, Ms. Hubbell created the character of Hattie Elizabeth Turner, a composite of many real women, whose insights present a very different view of one of the most history altering events of all time from the usual soldier's or historian's perspective.

Annette's character is "able to stand invisibly alongside generals and soldiers" as the battle unfolds "in which layers of honor and pride are peeled back to reveal the pain and astonishment of realty". Hattie's is a story of a young woman's evolution "into a determined, resolute and fearless character" in an era uncomfortable with the concept of an "independent woman."

A retired North County water district General Manager, Annette Hubbell is uniquely capable creating this dynamic and endearing character and equally adapt at portraying her on stage as well. I don't think I will view the Civil War in quite the same way again.

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