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Borrego Cup 2016 - It's All Tied Up


Last updated 2/14/2016 at 7:58am

Michael Sadler

The Borrego Cup for 2017 is looking like it's going to be a grudge match. That's because de Anza won the Borrego Cup in 2014, Rams Hill won in 2015, and the golf team from the Borrego Springs Resort (the Resort) won this year. All three teams will be looking for the tie-breaking win next February, again the week before Super Bowl 51, so it might get vicious out there next time, folks.

In this year's tournament, forty-eight players again participated in the 3-day annual tournament. Only the top 12 scores counted on each day's 18-hole match, played on the de Anza, Resort, and Rams Hill courses, respectively, on consecutive days. Using a Stableford format where points are awarded for each player on each hole (1 for bogey, 2 for par, 3 for birdie, 4 for eagle, and 5 for double-eagle), the de Anza Country Club golf team led the Resort by 18 points after Day-1; de Anza club pro Damien Telles and resident Butch Vanderpool scored Day-1 high scores of 40 points (as did Tony Franco from the Resort). After 3-putting the first hole, Butch Vanderpool remarked, "Get the bad out of the way early."

But the Resort team rocked the field on Day-2, thanks in part to the play of Rick Howell. He scored the Day-2 high of 46 points (including three natural birdies-turned-eagles on hole pops). Howell attributed his win in part to, as he claimed, "intimidation." By iridescent golf outfit (see photo). Eight Resort players also improved their scores from Day-1, contributing to their hefty 26-point lead over a surging Rams Hill team on Day-2 and 39-point lead over de Anza.

On Day-3, six players from Rams Hill posted scores of 40 or more points on their home course. Glen Clark, Bill Walker, and Rams Hill owner Bill Berkley each contributed Day-3 high scores of 42 points. But they weren't enough, and a cursory look at a few more stats tell the story.

Each of the three teams won the matches on their home course. Even though the Resort course plays tougher than de Anza, and Rams Hill tougher than the Resort, there was a total point increase of 79 points from de Anza to the Resort, and yet another 79-point increase after playing Rams Hill. That's a 159-point improvement on individual scores between Days 1 & 3 for all three teams. These guys were motivated! And the Resort team seems to have been motivated the most on their home course. Their lead after Day-2 was, barring a Rams Hill team miracle on Day-3, all but insurmountable.

Michael Sadler

In that regard, it should be noted here that winning Resort team member Randy Budd, having last year, as I said at the time, "folded like a cheap pup tent," improved his consecutive 28's from Days 1 & 2 by 11 points on Day-3 on the tough Rams Hill course; he had the second highest score among all Resort players. Mr. Budd (standing in red shirt next to the trophy) was obviously still trying to find the tent zipper on Day's 1 & 2, but he finally exited from his collapsed tent on Day-3, sucked in some clean, fresh air, and thrived in the sunshine of Rams Hill. Just another beautiful day in Borrego for Randy Budd, and for the rest of us, too.

Congrats to the Borrego Springs Resort team members for their Borrego Cup 2016 win. I'm bringing popcorn next year for the tie-breaker.

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