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From the outside looking in, Borrego is very hard to explain and comprehend. There are many issues that other communities do not have to deal with in the same context and the one that is talked about these days is the medical care that exists or rather the lack of it for many of the citizens.

I am out of state and have enjoyed the area for the last fifteen plus years in the winter with no need for any medical attention during my visits, but do have a great concern for the wellbeing of the people of the area.

My father was the resident doctor from the '70s until he passed away in 2001 and he loved the people and atmosphere of the valley he served. He worked hard to attain the funding for the resources that are now here and I believe he would be appalled with the amount of criticism the community is addressing at this time.

It appears to this outsider that funding of medical care in Borrego is not the issue, but it's the resources that are not being spent in the correct places to benefit the citizens of Borrego. The surveys are supposed to evaluate where these resources are to be spent and I have no doubt they will do exactly that. What will be done with the information is what concerns me.

The population can probably not support the desires of all the people of Borrego and concessions will have to be made. From my brief glance into the frustration of the people of Borrego, it seems that the resources are spread among too many outlying areas and maybe spread too thin. The other thing that seems to be prevalent is that the people do not think that the medical team has their interest at heart although everyone has great praise for the individuals of the medical staff. That leads me to believe that the system is not working for the people or the medical staff and the system should be changed.

If a change cannot be made with the current administration, then looking to larger administrations in either San Diego or Palm Springs would be in order to fulfill the citizens' expectations.

Next year when I depart the rainy northwest and arrive in this secret Californian desert, I hope I will arrive to many smiling faces and a medical staff that is not overworked and issues like water conservation and overcrowding will be on peoples lips rather than medical issues.

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