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Housing Predators


Last updated 1/23/2016 at 10:06am

Jacumba Hot Springs, a small East County community of about 500 residents, will welcome its second sexually violent predator in to its small community Feb. 29 following a judge’s ruling.

Ural Davis has been diagnosed with paraphilic disorder following convictions for rape and other violent sex crimes carried out in San Diego County between 1984 and 1992. Although members of the public were invited to the hearing Friday morning to discuss Davis’ housing, no one showed up in person to voice their opinions.

Superior Court Judge David Gill acknowledged that county Supervisor Dianne Jacob has been vocal about her opposition to releasing sexually violent predators, particularly in rural East County.

Borrego Springs has itself been required to house sexual predators within its community.

“Backcountry families are fed up with the state sticking sexually violent predators — these worst of the worst — in their quiet communities,” Dianne Jacob said in a written statement. “These sick individuals are beyond rehabilitation and placing them in any community undermines public safety and puts a huge strain on taxpayers.”

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