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Coyote Hunt Controversy


Last updated 1/23/2016 at 10:26am

In 2014, conservation groups such as Project Coyote and Center of Biological Diversity, successfully lobbied for California officials to ban coyote hunting contests. In other states, conservation groups have filed lawsuits stopping or downsizing some hunts however, at least 80 formal coyote hunting contests and tournaments still took place in 23 states over the past year.

The hunts can kill upwards of 100 coyotes, with hunters typically killing anywhere from one or two coyotes each, to more than a dozen. Prizes are awarded for the highest kill count or the largest or smallest coyote. Belt buckles or cash prizes etc. are available to the winners and categories are split between those who use dogs to hunt and those that don’t.

While some argue that the coyotes affect deer population, conservationists argue that hunters could confuse coyotes with wolves and the killing doesn't effectively manage coyote populations, instead it could lead to increased reproduction rates.

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