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Last updated 1/19/2016 at 7:22am

“Misfits” – Directed by Johno Faherty:

19-Minute Narrative Short

Director Johno Faherty says he prefers stories about unlikable characters. And the two Bonny & Clyde wannabe characters in this short film suggest Mission Accomplished. Then Faherty gives us a surprise, and I do like surprises, lifting his misfits up to the grace of nobility and humanity.

“Creditors” – Directed by Ben Cura:

81-minute Feature Film

In homage to film-noire mysteries, this black and white feature, rare these days, explores the complex psychology of artist-sculptor Frederick trying to make sense of the life with his absentee writer-wife, Chloe. He does so via what appears to be a chance meeting with Grant, an admirer of his work. Frederick has so many psychosomatic problems that Grant, at once muse, therapist, confidant, alter ego, and shoulder-to-lean-on friend could be a figment of his imagination brought to life on screen. But that would have been a cheap trick. Instead, we are in for a roller-coaster ride of very believable dramatic conflict that works as well on screen as it probably did as originally written for the stage. You know it’s a good film when you’re so absorbed by the story, dialogue, character desire lines, obstacles they overcome, and plot twists that the presence of so many shades of dramatic gray make you forget it’s not in color.

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