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Last updated 1/15/2016 at 6:22am

"Thirst" - Directed by Roman S. Koenig: 7-Minute Narrative Short

A cautionary tale of how people might react to a serious, long-lasting and widespread Drought. That one could or should be jailed for refusing water to a stranger will be debated amongst the film-goers, for sure.

"Mermaids on Mars" - Directed by Jon Peters: 25-Minute Narrative Short and Stop-Motion Animation

A truly heroic effort to combine live action, stop-motion animation, and even a few show tunes. What begins as a preposterous premise (hence the film's title), becomes more and more believable as the delightful story unfolds. The film's antagonist, Glaucus, transformed from Merman to Martian, is a gem of a character.

"Breaking Point" - Directed by Bill Wisneski: 60-Minute Documentary

I reviewed this fine documentary shown at the Julian Film Festival back in August of 2015. It was a four-year film project by writer, producer, and director Bill Wisneski from Palomar College Television. The Salton Sea is in serious trouble, and few people outside the immediate region are even aware of the problem.


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