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Last updated 1/13/2016 at 7:05am

Two years ago I made my first visit to Borrego. My brother and his wife purchased a second home with plans for an eventual retirement. My sisterin-law’s parents have been Borrego residents both full time and part time for 24 years. I sure liked the town, the desert surrounding it and how did all these great restaurants end up here?

My fourth visit was over the Christmas weekend. It occurred to me why am I not considering Borrego as my own future retirement town? I’ve got five years to go and wouldn’t it be great to live once again in the same town with family? With that background it has been with great interest I’ve followed the recent health care debate in your newspaper, which I have subscribed to for nearly a year. When I do retire it will be after 35 years as a public safety dispatcher for 911, police, fire and EMS. I’m tuned into emergency medical services more than the average Joe. We all have our own health concerns, especially as we age, and I am no exception.

While relieved to learn the fire department is staffed full time with paramedic services, the lack of a local emergency or urgent care facility is troubling. It’s a time consuming ride to such an establishment even in an ambulance. It’s an expensive risky ride in a flying ambulance.

There is no question, as previous letters demonstrated, this situation is causing residents to move away, hindering tourism, challenging employers and causing prospective residents such as myself to take a long second look at calling Borrego home for the golden years. As the debate continues and Borrego plans its future, rest assured this matter of routine and emergency health care is a big step of progress or stagnation.

I recognize living in Borrego’s splendid beauty, the quiet starry nights comes without all the big city conveniences I enjoy where I live now. However, an investment in local health care options would stabilize the current reluctant relocation of residents and break down barriers to new townsfolk seeking to share and participate in the Borrego Springs experience. Oh, and thank goodness they found a way to get that new pizza oven installed at Kesling’s Kitchen! Yeah, Borrego Springs, my kind of town.

Brant A. Keeney Phoenix, AZ

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