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Salton Sea - License Plates


Last updated 1/4/2016 at 9:53am

An effort to create commemorative Salton Sea license plates by the Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau, has seen the initial deadline pass with only 80 orders received.

Kathy Strong, editorial manager at the Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau said "At this point, the license plate is not selling well, probably because of the lack of ability to take credit card orders," Strong said. Technical difficulties prevented the Department of Fish and Wildlife from taking credit card orders, but Strong hopes that the glitch will be fixed soon.

The DMV have extended the group's deadline by a year, in order to accumulate the necessary 7,500 orders.

The plates cost $50 to $98, depending on whether the driver wants to keep their old license number, with a portion of the money raised going to the Salton Sea Authority to benefit environmental restoration of the sea.

"People obviously have many of these plates to choose from," Strong said. "But for people who live, or have second homes in greater Palm Springs, San Diego and Imperial Valley, they're all going to be affected by the degradation of the lake."

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