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Last updated 1/4/2016 at 9:17am

It is hard to imagine in the age that we live in, that there could be much in the way of community left in America’s towns. But despite the odds, that is what remains, and what so many people fight and live for. We are lucky in Borrego Springs that there is such a strong community spirit and focus. No matter where people originally come from or if they are part- or full-time residents. Once they are welcomed by Borregans they are welcomed for life.

It was not surprising that there was such an overwhelming response of support for the need for answers to our WHY article on the situation that faces our Medical Center. What is surprising, is the lack of available responses by the very people who claim to work on behalf of the community. The board of directors have chosen to ignore requests for comments by the Sun and have chosen instead to implement the use of a P.R. company. In fact, as you will see in this issue, they have taken out an advert extolling their virtues as a community-led organization showing their “love for our community means that we go beyond what is required of us.” Unless of course, what is required of them is transparency and accountability.

Many people are frustrated by the lack of basic technology available to doctors and nurses in order for them to fulfill the simplest of roles, yet the directors are, according to their ad, “Now in the process of planning a new Administration building and Pharmacy”. Is this Pharmacy going to be run by the existing Pharmacist? If it is, then future articles will make interesting reading.

The people of Borrego have never asked for much; it’s difficult to imagine that much more would be needed in a place that gives so much in one of the most beautiful places imaginable. But is it unfair to ask for a ‘non-profit’ organization to be honest about their accountability? Or for Doctors to have technology to cope with basic needs? Is it unrealistic to have a community Medical Center that works, benefits and heals the community? The community thinks not. It will be interesting to see if the Board of Directors does as well.

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