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Pottery Open House With Ginger Dunlap-Dietz


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Ellen Fitzpatrick

Ginger Dunlap-Dietz is a potter that will make you want to play with clay. She is the earthy lady that holds it all together at the pottery studio under the big blue canopy behind the high school pool.

Saturday, Dec. 12 she held an Open House and pottery sale there that attracted ceramic lovers from all over town. Beautiful and incredibly unique pieces were displayed on tables and people were snatching them up quickly.

Meanwhile, clay workers dug in and demonstrations began. Gretchen Grawunder, from Vista, and part-time Borregan, sandwiched a slab of white clay between two layers of cloth and rolled it under pressure of a large metal crank roller that produced a perfectly flat and uniform slab that she proceeded to cut patterned sections from to create an angel.

She artfully scribed impressions into the surface, stamped shapes with a plaster tool, and joined the wet clay pieces together. A head was shaped in 'pinch pot' style and wings were cut and softened to be added to the angel's dress.

Dennis Connors works with a paper clay that he prefers, as a sculptor. An impressive bronze-toned mask hung on the wall, which he explained was also made with the paper clay, but looks like an actual bronze casting. He rolled out some clay, formed it around a pipe, and began cutting pieces that would become the blades of a spear.

Pottery wheels and shaded tables are accompanied by sheds filled with all sorts of glazes, tile making cutters, tools for making impressions and other fun items.

When one sees the creations these artists develop from a little mud, the art will draw you in. Open Studio is available for adults with some clay experience. Try the wheel, do some hand building, or use the extruder for different effects. That is like a playdough fun factory you may have used as a child. The possibilities are endless for expressing yourself through clay.

The studio is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. through mid May. Materials and firing are available for a fee and the Open Studio is just $60 for four weeks or eight three-hour sessions. Stop by and visit Ginger to get started exploring your inner child. Great therapy.

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