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Borrego Springs - UFO or Missile


Last updated 12/15/2015 at 10:38am

Porter Tinsley - Less Than Amateur

Borrego Springs residents witnessed the phenomena in the sky on Saturday night, Nov. 7 at 6:01 p.m.

Reports are still coming in from across California about the light seen streaking across the sky with social media showing similar videos from 100s of miles away from the epicenter of the event.

The U.S. Navy released an official report, which usually indicates a cover-up, following the sightings, stating, "Navy Strategic Systems Programs conducted scheduled Trident II (D5) missile test flight at sea from USS Kentucky, an Ohio Class SSBN, in the Pacific Test Range off the coast of Southern California. The tests were part of a scheduled on-going system evaluation test."

Although the Navy freely admits that tests of this nature are carried out on a frequent basis, this didn't stop one expert from suggesting that the object might have been a comet or a meteor. An astronomer at Griffith Observatory, told local broadcaster ABC7 that the phenomenon could be

considered 'normal,' and could be a 'comet,' passing as a precursor to the Taurid meteor shower, which is peaking this week, highlighting the fact that no one in the area, despite numerous past missile tests, has seen anything similar before.

The Navy states that the public was not notified of the launch beforehand due to the operation being classified. Yet, night-time flights from Los Angeles Airport were faced with a forced diversion due to unspecified, "activated airspace" in the area, Reuters reported which points to some local authorities being aware that 'something' was happening. Which leaves the public with more questions unanswered than the Navy's statement aims to solve.

Playing host to hundreds of astronomers taking part in the annual Nightfall Star Party & Imaging Conference, due to it being a Dark Sky community member, Borrego Springs is the ideal place to witness a variety of celestial wonders. Two large telescopes have reported being unable to view the spectacle, with one malfunctioning at the time of the event.

Borrego Springs, where 'Nightfall' is held each year, is only the second location in the U.S. to be designated an International Dark Sky Community. The certification recognizes Borrego Springs exceptional commitment to dark sky protection and restoration throughout the community and adheres to stringent standards that protect the natural night sky.

Due to Borrego's location, it was easy to see the aura the object was emanating, without the light pollution suffered in the larger cities. As the white started to fade, a blue tail developed which covered hundreds of miles. The circular blue arc stretched over the whole width of the horizon

ending in the mountains.

Looking at other videos available to the public showing the flight of Trident missiles, the object seen, shows a variety of differences in its look and behavior. Usually missiles would be reported from a distance of ten to fifteen miles. An atomic bomb has a visual radius of no more than a

hundred miles, yet this one missile could be seen from San Diego to Ohio, 2000 miles away.

Another abnormality with the recorded sightings across the web, has reports of people witnessing unusual sightings from 7:00 a.m. through to 11:00 p.m.

Local resident Miguel Rocha described how, "there was a quinceƱera going on and according to people who attended, they saw the strange blue light explode and moments later they were covered in ash. Obviously, they were scared something had happened."

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